Venture Crew 890

What Do We Do?

The Dancing, while not required, is a large part of our program. Each member can pick a dance style and create their own, custom outfit. 

The Music is a combination of both traditional and contemporary instruments and songs. All members are welcome to bring new

ideas to the drum circle.

The Crafts are made by both youth and adults alike; some are for members’ outfits, while others are for the trading post (detailed on left).

The History is told both through stories and crafts. We also perform “Living History” exhibits, during which we spend camporees living as if it it were the 1750s.

The Advancement Ceremonies are done for various scouting events. Some examples are Arrow of Light Ceremonies, Blue and Gold Dinners, and Courts of Honor.

The Trips range from museum visits to C.O.P.E., and everything in between. Many are even open to members’ families.